Big In Ibiza is the new label from the people behind the resurgent UMM UK label responsible for acts such as Tom Neville, Filthy Rich, Yer Man, Deepgroove & others. Forming in early 2008 Big In Ibiza have been determined to make an immediate impact upon the dance scene with consistently big releases from some of the worlds hottest DJs and producers.

We release across a range of styles including house, electro, minimal, tech, trance, progressive, funky, bassline, tribal, garage and more from artists including Mauro Picotto, Fonzerelli, Jonathan Ulysses, Tito Puente Jnr ft India, Chris ‘MiMo’ Jones, Ibiza Knight, Wideboys, Love Assassins, 7th Heaven, Agent X, Connected ft Max’C and The Angry Kids vs Bob Marley.

Fonzerelli follows up his # 1 Download & # 1 Label of the year on DJ Download, # 1 Beatport charts and being requested personally to play alongside Tiesto @ Privilege in Ibiza this year with a host of new singles.

Big In Ibiza are extremely broad and open minded in their musical tastes and you will see a range of genres covering underground and cross over from internationally renowned DJs as well as undiscovered talents from around the world and have always been considered of the highest quality. You will hear them being played all over the world by the most famous DJs and by your local heroes. We are constantly on the lookout for great new producers so again, don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel you can compare with our previous releases.

In creating the new site we wanted to offer 2 things easily. News and sales. As far as news is concerned it is regular and easily discovered by the categories, tags and artist pages on your right. If you wish to send us news, by all means do so. As far as sales are concerned we also wanted to create a very simple system that will help you find exactly what you are looking for, whether it be by artist or title or genre.

We like to make full DJ mixes available at a reasonable price, including classics as well as completely upfront music. If you have an idea about something you want to get from us let us know.

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