Big In Ibiza: House Party Volume 3

Let the party continue! with our third album in the series. Featuring huge tracks from the likes of FalseFace, Filthy Rich, The Str8jackets, Chris MiMo, Love Assassins and more! Available for only £3.49 at iTunes.

1 Flash Brothers – Salsa
2 The Str8jackets – Move & Rock (feat MC Chickaboo)
3 Brazen – What’s Love Got To Do With It? (Flash Brothers remix)
4 Filthy Rich – Music Is Moving (Big In Ibiza mix)
5 Bon Finix – Boogaloo (Original Mix)
6 Cracked Logic – Hurt You So (Big In Ibiza tribal mix)
7 Love Assassins – The Boy Is Mine (Soulshaker remix)
8 Bk – Revolution (Big In Ibiza dub)
9 Andy BopH – Flash
10 Horizon – I Don’t Wanna (Love Assassins remix)
11 Falseface – First Sight (Cut & Splice remix)
12 Chris MiMo Jones – MiMo (vocal mix)

Download From:
Juno Download

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