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Northern Ireland based Aaron McClelland, the production genius behind Fonzerelli quickly smashed onto the scene rising to becoming one of the most established and hottest production talents in the world with his first release in 2005, “Moonlight Party” which became # 1 Download Of The Year on DJ Download. This shot his own Mena Music label to # 1 Label Of The Year on DJ Download and helped the track become a hit in Australia and Holland and more importantly a beacon to Aaron’s talent.

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Every major and minor label around the world was lining up for Fonzerelli remixes. It is just as well that Aaron is insatiably creative and super prolific as he was asked a lot and he has fulfilled pretty much every request often making 2 or 3 original tracks in a day notching up hundreds of productions including remixes of several Top 5 acts such as Fedde Le Grand, Tiesto ft Maxi Jazz, Chanel, J Magik & Wickerman, Sash, Mauro Picotto, Beatfreakz and Bass Hunter as well as original material for his own Mena Music label and Big In Ibiza. As the masked crusader for ‘real’ dance music, Fonzerelli’s studio lair is where he creates his weapon of choice – synth driven, retro, pop-club anthems – used in his mission to battle the darkside of dance music – ‘boring tracks where nothing much happens’.

Not content to just incorporate 80s instruments and sounds into his productions like many of his contemporaries Aaron actually plays all of the instruments preferring to use the original real synths as opposed to computer emulations and can often be found buying up racks of old synths and Casio keyboards to get that unique and original feel and sound that have become his trademark.

Fonzerelli is one dance producer who, despite his huge global success over the last few years has remained one of these mysterious entities, where the music remains the most important aspect of who he is. He’s had Top 40 hits in countries across the world and he’s worked with a host of Top 5 UK acts, remixing for every major record label and the majority of independents, including being the only other producer to appear on Basshunter’s debut #1 platinum selling album. His pivotal influence in the 80s pop revival that is currently seen in the UK charts week in week out is wildly understated with his 80s-infused, synth-filled club smashes having graced dancefloors over the world for years before the rest.

Despite his desire to first and foremost remain a musician, to prove he is capable of being the superstar DJ, Fonzerelli occasionally selects a moment to appear. This includes following a personal request by Tiësto for him to play at his sell-out event in the world’s biggest club, Privilege Ibiza.

Spending half his time producing under his various aliases including Brazen (#1 Beatport), Yer Man & Digital Glitter among others, Aaron spends the other half indulging in his new found hobby of renovating classic 70s cars including his current project a VW Campervan! Funnily enough Aaron was nicknamed Fonzerelli by friends in Ballymena following an early sideline to music production of buying and selling vintage clothes on eBay (I guess there was plenty of 50’s gear in there). So Fonzerelli, the vintage clothes seller from Ballymena became one of the hottest producers on the planet!


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