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When Pacha first opened its doors for business, England were holders of the World Cup, man had yet to walk on the moon, Harold Wilson was Prime Minister of Great Britain, Spain was ruled by a dictator with a weakness for moustaches and terrible berets and the term discotheque was still regarded as something of a passing novelty.DJ History

I know, I know, it’s a little bit early to be talking up the Ibiza season, but we’re all so excited about it here! In just over a month, and nearly 40 years since Pacha established itself as a hotspot for glamorous hippies on the legendary island of Ibiza, the superclub and it’s neighbours will once again be opening their doors to clubbers from around the world.

With our Ibiza Opening Party (with Jonathan Ulysses on May 7th) just around the corner and in preparation for the 2010 opening parties on the island, here’s a quick run down of some of the two opening parties that have caught our eye so far and a few quotes from the others in the office on why we love these clubs:

Space  – 29 May-30 May 2010

Line Up Includes: Carl Cox, John Digweed, Pete Tong, Fat Boy Slim, Jon Rundell, Cristian Varela, Nick Curly, Yousef & Others

Space always pull out all the stops and this two day opening party will not disappoint. Just on the line-up, even if this event was held in giant Biffa Bin off the M6 in the middle of the British winter it would still be one to be at, let alone when it’s in the sun at Space.

Dave “This is quite literally the best club I’ve ever been to and I’ve been 5 times. Pacha has the wow factor when you walk in but Space is just made for clubbing. Open air, cargo netting, airplanes over head, sun, beer, beats and beautiful people all smiling! Which is great to see in a club for a change! And that’s just the terrace. Go inside and it’s just a well laid out massive dancefloor. The two biggest sets I’ve seen there are Carl Cox in the main room and Jonathan Ulysses on the terrace. Everyone was rocking.”

The Abandoned Zoo – 30 May 2010

Channel Zoo Big Opening Party @ Gala Night

Line Up: Record Label Showcases: Freak N Chic, Moonharbour, 8 Bit & More

For us, the seal pit here is unquestionably one of the best rooms in the world when it goes off. Parties at the Zoo just have it all, great tunes, beautiful people in fancy dress, swimming pools, and relatively cheap drinks!

Dave “One of the most unique and cool events I’ve ever been to. Hosted in a converted (and deserted) zoo just sounds insane but it works. Hot tubs, swim shorts and cool beats. The Seal Pit is brilliant too. Fire eaters, DJs and performers on stage and a hundred plus people in the stands with an enormous sound system and light show. You just couldn’t help but feel good.”

Sarah “The highlight of Ibiza, an old abandoned zoo which is a refreshing change to the mega clubs – the zoo is what proper partying is really about -an awesome underground soundtrack from some of the islands top DJs. Frickin Metal crowd, amazing surroundings, wicked atmosphere. This is where the real party people go …Where you can really run wild.

Other confirmed opening nights include Amnesia on the 12th June, Eden on the 5th June and Privilege on the 18th June.

For guestlist and more info on our Ibiza Opening Party and album launch night @ The White House with Ibiza legend and Space god Jonathan Ulysses email events@biginibiza.com or call us on 02077207266.

Hope we see you there!

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