MP’s to go clubbing for Cocaine ‘investigation’

Hmmmmm, not that we are suggesting they might be having a free bender on the taxpayer, but MP’s are going to take to the clubs of London in an attempt to see the ‘real’ scene that they are attempting to fight in the war against drugs. They are seeking advice on the “best club” to go to in London to research cocaine abuse.

Keith Vaz, Labour MP and committee chairman, will lead a group of 13 MPs but insisted it was “not our Christmas party”.

One source is quoted as saying: “They might be in for a bit of a shock. Some of these clubs are real rave ups with people doing all sorts.I imagine some of these MPs haven’t been to a club since the 70s – and it’s a long way from the Bee Gees and Abba these days.”

We really think it depends what kind of club they are after, – your average club with a couple of people off their face on something or other, or the kind of place where there’s a 20-strong queue for a cubicle and more white powder than a ski slope – then again for that they could always try asking around Westminster.

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