Winter Music Conference – Miami Day 3 & 4

“Let me in I’m on the list” What list? “the list that I’m on”. Yes welcome to the general mayhem that is trying to get into any event during the Miami Winter Music Conference. No matter who you know or what guest list you may have been put on you can be sure you will be entering a world of pain when you try and get into a pool or beach party. Yesterday I experienced the classic. The main DJ for the event was having a hard time getting in. So, even before he’s in he’s spitting mad. Once in all the DJ sets are out of sync so your 3.15 set is now 3.30 but the guy before only just got on so he’s just played 2 tunes so there’s no way he’s getting off the decks in 5 minutes. Where’s the promoter? Well, he knows it’s chaos so he’s disappeared and nothing can happen because he’s pretty much the only person with any authority. Yep, this is the general way Miami parties work. So, it becomes one battle after another which is pretty exhausting like some kind of reality show called “Try and get into a party” show. The best bet is to know the hotel manager. He’ll get you in and give you drinks tokens too, but you better look like a hot chick to pull that one off, if you know what I mean.

So I’ve managed to meet with SPORTY-O. Yesterday he was playing straight after Jen Lasher‘s set at the pool party at the South Seas hotel (more breaks, I’m feeling like I’m a breaks aficionado now, down with the breaks crowd, hi fiving and what’s upping). He’s good and up for getting involved which is great. Now we’ll see if we get it sorted quickly. Today is Friday so now it gets really busy, but it’s going to rain so it may also be even more chaotic than usual. I’m already booking my therapy sessions for when I return just so I can cope with calm.

Finally. One thing that never ceases to amaze me when I come to the USA is the quality of buskers. This is a guy I caught on Ocean drive. Who knows if he just busks or is a professional singer but certainly has the skills.

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  • 1 Nikayla wrote:

    Hey!!! I’m waiting to see the pictures from this pool party @ Fontainbleau!!!! I’m in some of them! 😛
    It was such a beautiful day ^^ (Thursday)
    Hope to see them up soon!! <3Nikayla

    March 27, 2010 at 3:36 pm Permalink

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