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Big In Ibiza dig deep in to their extensive back catalogue and unleash classic UK & US garage flavas alongside nuskool bassline anthems on a DJ mix with 17 DJ friendly individual downloads. Featuring legends such as Joey Musaphia, Ann-Marie Smith, Agent X & Wideboys alongside the cream of cutting edge talent, DJ Absurd, Joy n Pain and more. To top it all off Big In Ibiza pull out some of their all time classics to garnish this album including a brand new remix of Clock‘s Top 5 hit ‘Whoompf ‘There It Is’. Bassline has been considered the North of England’s response to the UK Garage phenomenon of the late Nineties and early Naughties. Building up at clubs and events such as the Niche Nightclub, Bassline was for a long time just that, a Niche genre. Since the UK has gone Bassline crazy!

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First up is the Love Assassins take on the classic 80’s classic and later 90’s Garage anthem, ‘Teardrops’, remixed by the production team behind the No.2 chart success of H Two O’s ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ and two of Bassline’s oldest producers. Agent X also take up the buttons and remix the second track, The Angry Kids new mix of Bob Marley’s ‘Mr. Brown’.
Another huge production team in the form of the Wideboys get on to remix for the third track, which is another new take on the classic Tito Puente track, ‘Oye Como Va’ and definitely doesn’t fail to deliver.
The compilation also sees remixes of some newer hits, in Pete Pritchard’s take on Connected Ft Max’C ‘A Feeling’ and DJ Absurd’s mix of Fonzerelli ‘Infinity’.

1) Love Assassins ‘Teardrops – Agent X Remix’
2) Connected ft Max’C ‘A Feeling – Wideboys London Mix’
3) Love Assassins ‘Just Fine – Joy n Pain Remix’
4) Joy n Pain ft KBJ ‘My Love – Bassline Mix’
5) Shanie Louise ‘Sweeter Than Wine – Dixon Vs Davey Boy Bassline Mix’
6) Branded ‘Dirty – Bassline Mix’
7) Rebel Bassline ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’
8) Love Assassins ‘The Boy Is Mine – Rebel Bassline Mix’
9) Jenny Jones ‘Sexy Body – Murray Bassline Mix’
10) Tito Puente Jnr ft India ‘Oye Como Va – Wideboys Bassline Remix’
11) The Angry Kids vs Bob Marley ‘Mr Brown – Agent X Remix’
12) Chocolate Party ‘Pump It Up – Bassline Mix’
13) Clock ‘Whoomph! (There It Is) – Bassline Mix’
14) Tom Neville ‘Just F**k (Dirty D Remix)’
15) Fonzerelli ‘Infinity – DJ Absurd Bassline Remix’
16) Ann-Marie Smith ‘Stronger – Joey Musaphia’s Classic Anthem Mix’
17) Demixer ‘Raise Your Hands – Mustava Bootleg Mix’
18) Various ‘Bass – Bassline & Garage Ibiza – DJ Mix’

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