A selection of the best electro tracks and remixes from Big In Ibiza – all wrapped up in a neat little package.

1. Picotto vs Papini – Gonna Get Ya (Love Assassins)
2.Tito Puente Jnr ft India – Oye Como Va (Love Assassins)
3. The Str8jackets – Move & Rock (Keewix Remix)
4. Cut & Splice – The Predator
5. Tim Andresen – Lost Warrior (Cut & Splice)
6. Love Assassins – Teardrops (Yer Man Remix)
7. Fifteen Bimbos – Gimme Fame (Yer Man Remix)
8. Cut & Splice – Spend The Night (Orig)
9. Anton Neumark – Power Of Fire (Re-Zone Remix)
10. Love Assassins – All Alone


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