Fonzerelli ft Ellenyi – Moonlight Party 2011

The release of Fonzerelli & Ellenyi’s 2011 take on the classic record Moonlight Party has arrived as of the 28th November 2011.

In 2006 Fonzerelli unleashed his biggest ever club record, “Moonlight Party” which captured the hearts of the world’s biggest DJs having been championed by Tiesto and supported by the likes of Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyk. With its clever, minimal use of vocals and infectious hooks it became a global club classic and a hit in The Netherlands, Australia and Finland.

In 2011 Fonzerelli teamed up with hot new artist Ellenyi. After collaborating on several projects the duo decided to completely rework Moonlight Party giving this traditionally chorus only club record the full vocal it was always crying out for. Writing her own new and original verses with a uniquely beautiful and passionate performance Ellenyi’s vocals sit perfectly alongside Fonzerelli’s contemporary new mixes and a huge remix package featuring LoverushUK!, Setrise, Gleave, Jimmie Page (Ultra Music Festival) and Super Hoo Men.

Fonzerelli – Moonlight Party 2011 [Clips] by Big In Ibiza

Official Single Release Tracklist:
1) Moonlight Party – Radio Edit
2) Moonlight Party – Extended Mix
3) Moonlight Party – Original Born Again Mix
4) Moonlight Party – LoverushUK! Radio Edit

Remix Package Tracklist:
1) Moonlight Party – Extended Mix
2) Moonlight Party – Original Born Again Mix
3) Moonlight Party – Setrise Remix
4) Moonlight Party – LoverushUK! Vocal Remix
5) Moonlight Party – Jimmie Page Remix
6) Moonlight Party – Gleave Vocal Remix
7) Moonlight Party – Aaron McClelland Remix
8) Moonlight Party – Super Hoo Men Dubstep Mix

To Download the Single release visit:
Juno Download

To Download the Remixes release visit:
Juno Download


Original Release Stats:
• Original Official Video has now received 1 million+ hits on YouTube
• # 1 Download Of The Year on DJ Download 2005
• Featured on Pete Tong’s FastTrax podcast
• Championed by Tiesto on “In Search Of Sunrise Vol 5”
• Official Singles Chart: #8 Finland, #28 The Netherlands and #44 Australia.
• UK Music Week Club Chart # 1 and Buzz Chart # 2

Fonzerelli Key Achievements / Productions:
• Remixed massive acts including: Fedde Le Grand, J Magik & Wickerman, Tiesto ft Maxi Jazz, Out Of Office, Mauro Picotto, Robbie Rivera, Adam Lambert and Basshunter.
• # 1 Beatport Chart with Brazen “Toto” and Top 10 with CRW “I Feel Love” (Aaron
McClelland Remix)
• Personally requested to play with Tiesto at his 10,000 capacity crowd at Privilege.

Fonzerelli Biography:
Northern Ireland based Aaron McClelland, the production genius behind Fonzerelli smashed onto the scene and quickly rose to prominence becoming one of the most established and hottest production talents in the world with his debut release “Moonlight Party” which became a beacon to Aaron’s talent. Every major and many minor labels around the world lined up for Fonzerelli remixes and it was just as well that Aaron is insatiably creative and super prolific as he was asked a lot and he fulfilled pretty much every request often making 2 or 3 original tracks in a day notching up hundreds of productions under his belt.

Not content to just incorporate 80s instruments and sounds into his productions like many of his contemporaries Aaron actually plays all the instruments and prefers to use original real synths as opposed to computer emulations and is often found buying up racks of old second hand synths and Casio keyboards to get that unique and original feel and sound that his records are known for. Spending half his time producing under his various aliases including Yer Man, Brazen & Digital Glitter among others, Aaron spends the other half indulging in his new found hobby of renovating classic 70s cars including his current project a VW Campervan!

Funnily enough Aaron was given the nickname Fonzerelli by friend in Ballymena following an early sideline to music production of buying and selling vintage clothes on eBay (I guess there was plenty of 50’s gear in there). So Fonzerelli, the vintage clothes seller from Ballymena became one of the hottest producers on the planet!

Ellenyi Biography:
Ellenyi is a new, exciting female singer-songwriter with the voice of an angel who requires no autotune and sounds as good on a record as on the stage. Drawing on her strong technical ability and broad range of influences, Ellenyi is able to sing any song given to her as well as write and perform across genres. Early influences to Ellenyi’s writing style stem back to Motown legends such as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday and Al Green as well as current artists such as Adele, Duffy, James Morrison, Jamie Cullum.

More recently Ellenyi has embraced her electronic side, she contacted the producer behind the prolific Fonzerelli act, Aaron McClelland via her MySpace profile in 2009 and instantly found a true fan. This quickly expanded to Fonzerelli’s record company, Big In Ibiza and the virtual transfer of creative ideas began. It quickly became evident that Ellenyi had imaginative songwriting skills as well as a beautiful voice as she contributed ideas to a diverse range of musical styles including the cutting edge street sound of Dubstep. Ellenyi has breathed new life into Fonzerelli’s massive international club classic “Moonlight Party”, a track that had previously only had a chorus.

2010 also saw Ellenyi form a band that has been gigging across the north of England picking up a lot of bookings and receiving fantastic feedback. Performing at countless live events, Ellenyi has been growing as an artist and developing a strong relationship with her fans with every show.

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