Joshkovsky EP

Cat # 1216WBII – Released 11/01/2009

Following up on Joshkovsky’s DMC charting debut single which received support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Big In Ibiza’s in-house producer and resident DJ now presents his self-titled debut EP with two heavyweight club anthems.

On the flip ‘Latin Lover’ presents a bass heavy record club smash with a tribal, grooving rhythm and crescendoing brass section that rocks the track forward.

On the flip ‘Nothing To Lose’ is another bass heavy rolling tech anthem with the sort of bleeping hook that can be heard moving dancefloors in clubs all around the world. Chopping in and out of two interchanging melodies, the track sways back and forth between melodies, consistently being driven forward by the tracks deep and heavy bassline.


Starting off as just a kid enjoying messing about with sequencers and turntables in his bedroom in Portsmouth many years ago, Joshkovsky’s (real name Josh McInnes) engineering skills were brought to the attention of Big In Ibiza through a record that’s Youtube video has amassed views in the millions and received support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and Paul Van Dyk, generating various tributes and parodies. Realising the talent Josh had at such a young age Big In Ibiza invited him to engineer records in their London based studios.
Producing under various guises, Josh has been commissioned for dozens of remixes for record labels both major and minor, with his talent as a producer also sparking copious international DJ bookings in North America, Europe and Asia.
With various projects aside from his work with Big In Ibiza, keep an eye on Joshkovsky as things are looking bigger and better by the day.

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