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“No one DJ or indeed producer can claim sole credit for dubstep . But when the history of the genre gets told, no DJ has ever had, or perhaps ever will again have so much influence over the course of the genre as Hatcha. It’s no overstatement to say the entire genre bares his stamp.”
Martin Clark – blackdownsoundboy.blogspot.com

Hatcha is Croydon’s answer to Moodyman and has over 18 years of DJ experience under his belt. Following a job as A&R man and shop hand at the legendary Big Appple Records, Hatcha became the first main DJ behind the now worldwide recognised Dubstep genre. He also mixed the very first ” “Dubstep Allstars” compilation (and volume 4 alongside Youngsta), making his name as the Godfather of Dubstep.

Going on to DJ all over the world and release on some of the genres leading labels, Hatcha holds his weekly radio show on Kiss FM alongside Crazy D and was the first DJ to host a commercial radio show based soley around Dubstep.

With 2010 promising to be even more successful with the launch of Hatcha’s new Sin City label and events alongside fellow Dubstep legend N Type , a host of big gigs already confirmed, as well as remixes, orginal productions and some big collaborations, Hatcha has and will continue to firmly cement his name in music history.

Check out Hatcha’s singles here, including his latest release with Big In Ibiza.

Check Hatcha’s Kiss FM Show Here

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