Above & Beyond to play Spaceship Launch

vgalacticIn a truly ‘out of this world’ twist, Above & Beyond will be providing the soundtrack for the launch of the new Virgin Galactic Spaceship. Richard Branson met Above & Beyond recently in the Mojave desert at the official launch of SpaceShipTwo, the new craft that will take the world’s first ‘Space Tourists’ into Zero-G.

The track chosen, ‘Buzz’ samples Buzz Aldrin’s voice recordings from the original moon landing, while the guests at the event were handed a special USB wristband with a selection of tracks from Above & Beyond.

US Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled and named the new space craft at the event, then Above & Beyond treated the guests to an exclusive DJ set, performing in front of over 800 dignitaries, celebrities. Also in attendance were the people that have lined up with wallets bulging with cash in order to be the first space tourists.

With flights into space coming in at around $200,000 it’s not cheap, but it’s definitely one that can live up to the hype, and something you KNOW no one else will be doing for a while! You can find out all the details about Virgin Galactic by clicking here.

Don’t forget that Above & Beyond are playing two very special sets this NYE in Los Angeles and San Fransisco alongside Cosmic Jam.

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  • 1 Dave Louca wrote:

    Does this mean Arnie and Branson are trance fans?

    December 10, 2009 at 4:18 pm Permalink

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