Hatcha Photoshoot at Sin City Brixton 12-2-2010

One of my alter egos is as in house press photographer. I do this partly because I enjoy it and most often out of necessity. It turns a fun hobby into a useful benefit to the label. So as our in house photographer I was informed that we need some pics of Hatcha for the new single “Candy Coated” we have recently signed. Josh Brandon, Hatcha‘s manager, informed me he would be at his big event in Brixton on Friday night and I could catch a few shots of him there. So off we shimmy to Plan B in Brixton nice and early before the mayhem started and while Hatcha was free for a few minutes. In a few short moments I shot a number of shots and have them here for you. The night is called SIN CITY and was rammed. The vibe was great and everybody was having fun. Also on the bill was Lady Dynamite and David Rodigan. I’m doing another post on David because I have to say it was probably the most fun I have had with a DJ in decades (YES DECADES). He showed what the art of MC’ing and DJ’ing is really about and would strongly recommend any DJ should see him at least once in their lives.


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