Winter Music Conference – Miami Day 2

“I’m In Miami Beach”

I’m in ecstasy on Miami beach with Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton. Well, I heard them on a sound system in the distance and I moved on but it should get the google spiders going mental!!!

Well, it all kicked off for me on Tuesday the 23rd.
After a leisurely day we met up with recent signing Jen Lasher and her manager to discuss the future releases. We were looking at getting another MC on the debut track as our current one has all but gone AWOL. The best option seems to be a guy called SPORTYO. He’s got a good history and a good style and he’s playing here a couple of times so I’m going to get to meet him, hopefully today.

After the meeting with Jen, she was playing at JAZID for a breaks party that was hot and wild.
But HEY, they still smoke in clubs here!!!!
This is unfortunately the first time in almost two years I’ve left a club reeking of smoke.
It was good to see Jen play and it was all action with singing, rapping and djing all hectically rolled into one seamless performance. Jen had a lot of fans (well she should do she’s been djing for the past 10 years) and they were entering Miami party spirit.

There were a number of other breaks DJs on, mixing hip hop to rave which was interesting for me to hear as I rarely get to see this scene. I was told this is big all over the States and it all went wild when hip hop found ecstasy about 5 years ago. Funny what drugs do to music making.

Today I’ll be seeing Flipside who’s MCing at the Beatport pool party at the Gansevoort Hotel, a huge monster of a hotel on the beach with a cool reputation (although much of the rep comes from the New York version). Looking forward to meeting him and watching him perform.

Anyway, laters.

Check out Trance: Miami 2010 Out Now (2 DJ Mix Album) on iTunes

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