Fonzerelli – Dreamin’ released

Believing that Fonzerelli’s Dreamin’ (Of A Hot Summers Night) is going to be the big one of the year, Tiesto and Markus Schulz supported “Dreamin” on their radio shows (search YouTube) from cheeky early promos being leaked to them by Fonzerelli (aka Aaron McClelland). Robbie Rivera called the record “Amazing!” and immediately insisted on remixing it to spin his own pumping Juicy Ibiza mixes to 10,000 people a week at his debut event at Privilege.

Add to these two pounding, minimal, tribal mixes from the Big In Ibiza guys capturing the deep, grooving sound of the Terrace alongside Progressive and electro edged remixes from Stephen Laverty & Michael Mccrum. On the flip is the ominous dubstep workout courtesy of Bare Noize (from leading label Eight:FX) who’s debut track is sitting proudly at the top of the genre charts hitting #1 on Juno! Fonzerelli’s own carnival inspired Original Mix with its Balearic vibes leads the package and must be the strongest Fonzerelli tune ever!

The 80’s electronic dance revolution is the style on the tips of everyone’s tongues at the moment and Fonzerelli has been pivotal over the past couple of years pioneering the sound before the buzz word was even a whisper. This could be the massive break this artist deserves and with a debut album waiting in the wings of electro infused vocal anthems you wouldn’t dispute it. In a years time you could be the one saying you were on this first.

Aaron is nothing short of super prolific often making 2 or 3 original tracks in a day at his Northern Ireland studios for his own Mena Music label, Big In Ibiza and almostevery major label in the world with hundreds of productions under his belt including mixes of several Top 5 acts (even featuring on a # 1 artist album) which came about following his debut club smash “Moonlight Party” in 2005/6.

Not content to just incorporate 80s instruments and sounds into his productions like many of his contemporaries Aaron actually plays all the instruments and prefers to use original real synths as opposed to computer emulations and is often found buying up racks of old second hand synths and Casio keyboards to get that unique and original feel and sound that his records are known for.

Spending half his time producing under his various aliases including Yer Man, Brazen (#1 Beatport) & Digital Glitter among others, Aaron spends the other half indulging in his hobby of buying and fixing up classic 70s cars including his current project a VW Campervan!

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