Let’s Press Go – Sex & Drugs & Alcohol

Kinky Malinki resident Grant Richards and Lee Hesler & Preben Hansen aka H&H SoulSurvivors present “Let’s Press Go”.

Nominated for best newcomer in the 2005 house music awards alongside Dutch sensations Hardsoul and eventual winners the Shapeshifters, Grant Richards, as one of Kinky Malinki’s biggest DJs has travelled the globe taking the kinky vibes to destinations as far flung as Jakarta, Singapore and Egypt’s Pacha and has played a pivotal role in compiling and mixing the Kinky Malinki compilation series. Now joined by H&H SoulSurvivors, house DJ/Producer duo with remixes for the likes of Beyoncé, Dizzee Rascal, Mica Paris, Ultra Naté, Vanessa Hudgens, Shena and a number of X-Factor finalists, the trio look to launch their new guise Let’s Press Go and begin with this catchy, lush deep house release “Sex & Drugs & Alcohol” on Big In Ibiza. Catchy piano riffs and vocals with smooth deep house drops and grooves mashed up in the remix by Cut & Splice for a harder, electro feel.

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1) Let’s Press Go – Sex & Drugs & Alcohol (Original Mix)
2) Let’s Press Go – Sex & Drugs & Alcohol (Cut & Splice Remix)

Let’s Press Go – Sex & Drugs & Alcohol by Big In Ibiza

H&H SoulSurvivors Biography:

Founded in 2001, H&H SoulSurvivors aka Lee Hesler & Preben Hansen, started their musical journey. Skillfully Blending elements from the music they grew up on, such as soul, disco & funk, they have over the years built a formidable musical relationship. H&H have remixed some of the top artists in the world including Beyoncé, Dizzee Rascal, Mica Paris, Ultra Naté, Vanessa Hudgens, UK Nu-Disco diva Shena, Uk X-factor finalists and they have collaborated with various UK & International record labels, artists, singer/songwriters, Producers and Dj’s.
In 2004 they started their own label Beat Monkey Records which now, has international distribution and A&R departments in the UK, Spain, Brazil and Denmark. Furthermore a sub-label MonoLoco Records was set up in 2010 by their Spanish A&R manager. H&H SoulSurvivors are still going from strength to strength – Still doing the music they love and with more years of teaching Sound Engineering and Electronic Music Production than you can generally poke a stick at -there is not much H&H can’t get away with when it comes to working with audio.

Grant Richards Biography:

It was in 1997 when Grant Richards first started DJing, but vinyl had been a bigger part of his life long before that, a youth reared on classic Motown and raw funk driving a fascination with shiny black plastic. It would be 1999 that would become a pivotal year for Grant, a succession of opportunities leading him to the world of dance music in a more serious role. He was rapidly ensconced in the world of DJing, Promoting and Producing where he quickly ascertained a full time position at House heavyweight Kinky Malinki. It was here he would develop the essential talent in balancing these duties, not only for the benefit of himself but also for the brand that would forge his early identity.

Grant’s enthusiasm for dance music is tangible, his image completely removed from the stone faced jock that remains unmoved by the music. When he DJs he really performs, allowing the music to move him just as frequently as the dancers who crowd in front of him, yet never losing concentration on delivering the end product to devastating effect. It’s a passion and genuine love that makes him just as likely to be on the same floors he controls, spending countless hours shuffling his feet, adorned with a pair from his beloved sneaker collection, to the grooves and beats of the many DJs he admires.

The past few years have been a memorable experience for Grant, his lofty position at the elite of London’s up and coming stars solidified. His versatility is imbued by his alluring knack of crafting some of the most diverse DJ sets around. Comfortable layering lush deep house numbers as part of intricately textured warm up sets, he’s then equally as efficient in striking out the big room monsters for some peak time goodness. Never pigeonholed, he’s built his reputation on across the board musical knowledge and a keen ear for translating this to dancefloor pandemonium, the core requisite of any great DJ.

This fact was recognized when he was nominated for best newcomer in the 2005 house music awards, alongside Dutch sensations Hardsoul and eventual winners the Shapeshifters. And as Kinky Malinki’s resident he’s traveled the globe bringing the kinky vibes to destinations as far flung as Jakarta, Singapore and Egypt’s Pacha, an achievement further intensified by his pivotal role in the compiling and mixing of the Kinky Malinki series of compilations.

The past has already been glorious, but it’s Grants future that really bubbles with glittering intent. With over 10 years of professional toil it is merely the start for a man who oozes passion for music, a DJ, promoter and producer who looks set to enrich the scene for a lot longer yet.


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