Super Hoo Men – Roc Da House

Following up their monsterous remix of Fonzerelli ft Ellenyi’s epic classic ‘Moonlight Party’ and their debut on BII ‘Close Your Eyes’ Michael McCrum and Ryan Mcauley aka Super Hoo Men are back with a totally unique slice of electronic dance music. White Noise Machine give it an electro injection whilst Vibeizm gives it a killer dirty, bass heavy dubstep twist.

1) Original Mix
2) White Noise Machine Remix
3) Vibeizm Remix

Flash Brothers – “Original mix rocks, good pumping stuff!”
DJ Allbury (RinseFM) – “And theres the pound signs right there on killer drop, hard buzz”

Download from:
Juno Download

Super Hoo Men first got together in the early years of the new millennium. Known as Mystro & Fez they were a hip hop, scratch DJ duo working the DJ circuit around Northern Ireland. In their early years they played at many of Northern Ireland’s top events such as Hustlers convention and Planet Love but as new styles of music and new artists inspired them they started to take on their new form, and today are known as Super Hoo Men. Their experimental approach makes them different and fresh in today’s scene and ones to watch in 2011/12.

Super Hoo Men – Roc Da House by Big In Ibiza

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