The London Party Album – Out Now

One of the worlds hottest new house labels Big In Ibiza brings you the feel good vibes of the White Isle for their London Party album launch at The White House with their sexy, stylish, fun house music. With the cheeky and outlandish statement of Big In Ibiza, you can imagine what we’re about – a rocking vibe and a memorable party providing everything from hands in the air house, though to the freshest sounds of the underground priding ourselves on supporting new talent as well as dance music’s leading stars. 2 DJ Mixes and 20 tracks of fresh and upfront House music from some of the biggest talents in the world including Fonzerelli, Filthy Rich, Ibiza Knights, Chris MiMo, Jonathan Ulysses, Peter Brown, Rachel Barton, Love Assassins and many more.


01. Fonzerelli ‘Dreamin’ (Of A Hot Summers Night)’
02. Love Assassins ‘Drinking In LA’
03. Love Assassins ‘Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use)’
04. Joshkovski ’40 Miles’
05. BK ‘Revolution’ (Mr Lizard & Joshkovsky Remix)
06. Jenny Jones ‘Sexy Body’ (Big In Ibiza Vocal Mix)
07. Lance Ellington ‘Lonely (Have We Lost Our Love)’ (Love Assassins Remix)
08. Ibiza Knights ‘(Feels So) Good To Be Alive’ (Filthy Louca Mix)
09. Brazen ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ (Love Assassins Mix)
10. Cracked Logic ‘Hurt You So’ (Big In Ibiza Tribal Mix)

01. Chris MiMo ‘Flatline’
02. Jonathan Ulysses & Peter Brown ‘Time’
02. Ibiza Knights ‘Breathless – Tech Dub’ (Niko De Luca Remix)
03. Rachel Barton ‘Giggle’
05. Filthy Rich ‘Music Is Moving’ (Big In Ibiza Vocal Dub)
06. Chill DeVision ‘Timbuktu’ (Big In Ibiza Mix)
07. Organ Donors ‘4 Tribes (Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’)’ (Big In Ibiza Mix)
08. Pedro De La Fiesta ‘’Way In Way Out’ (Big In Ibiza Mix)
09. Joshkovski ‘Nothing To Lose’ (Dub)
10. Chris MiMo ‘Scorcher’ (Big In Ibiza Tribal Dub)

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