DJ Hatcha, MRK1 & Cyrus Tracks On ‘This Is Dubstep 2’

One of the biggest albums of the year returns for volume 2 this week… GetDarker presents: This Is Dubstep 2 on CD & Download and features 3 hot tracks from Eight:FX / Big In Ibiza…

DJ Hatcha & Lost – Get Up & Rock
MRK1 – Turn Me On
Cyrus – In The Background

2010’s other monsterous Dubstep compilation has to be Future:Dubstep:03 mixed by MRK1 which continues to top the genre charts all over the world featuring some of the hottest emerging talent in the scene from around the globe including Hatcha & Kromestar, Rebel Sonix, RMS, Scott Nixon, Ice Bluu, Bare Noize, Trimaxis and more! The full CD release even included Hatcha‘s Future:Dubstep:01 DJ Mix as a bonus CD having previously only been available on Beatport!

Eight:FX first combined with Big In Ibiza back in 2007 working on Dubstep Sessions Vol 1 – Mixed by DJ Hatcha and quickly became one of our biggest selling albums of the next 2 years with tracks from the mix consistently selling all over the world, especially in the UK and USA! This lead to a much closer relationship between the two labels and has now lead to the signing of the enormous new single from Hatcha & Lost called “Bongo Vamp (Candy Coated)”.

Check out some of our hottest Dubstep releases here…

Future:Dubstep_03 – Mixed by MRK1

Dubstep Sessions Vol 1 – Mixed by DJ Hatcha [ALBUM]

Hatcha & Lost – Bongo Vamp (Candy Coated) [SINGLE]

Future:Dubstep:02 – Mixed by Bare Noize [ALBUM]

Future:Dubstep:01 – Mixed by DJ Hatcha [ALBUM]

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